I just bought my first truck and I’m not sure what we want on it. Can you help me with Ideas?

Absolutely!! While we do like the easy customer that comes in with a specific list of what they want, there is no better thrill in sales than a customer who has no clue. We are not going to be your high pressure sales people. We will get an idea of what you might like, how you use the vehicle, what cosmetic options you like and walk you the process. One of the best parts of this job is; giving information so you can be informed, taking a vehicle to the shop and seeing the customers reaction to a well-informed purchase. 

Why buy from you when I can buy a little cheaper online?

When you purchase from us, you are getting much more than the product.

You get our experience – We know the products we sell. We can, and will, tell you the different products that are available. The pros and cons of each one and when applicable we will make suggestions if we feel an alternative product will suit your needs regardless if we are selling you something more or less expensive. Our goal is your happiness, not how much we can sell you.

We can make sure you get the right product to fit your vehicle. Almost everything is very Year/Make/ and model specific. We can ensure you get the right parts the first time. In the event there is a mistake or damage, we handle it for you. No calling in returns, no shipping etc.

We care about you, you are our priority. This is true before, during and after the sale. If you have an issue later, we are here to help. If you have a warranty issue, we handle it through the manufacture for you. Issue is no longer under warranty? We still help to make it as convenient and affordable as we can.

Do you carry inventory in stock?

We have a massive inventory of the products we sell the most. Due to the specific fitment of each vehicle and the vast options for different products it may be necessary to order some products. Most products, with few exceptions, are available next day.

Do I need to make an appointment to have a product installed?

It is not something we require but we would highly recommend it. We work on a first come first serve basis. Appointments take Priority. If you walk in for an installation and the installation will not affect a scheduled appointment or someone we are currently working on we will start on your installation. If it does affect someone else we will schedule you for another time.

Case and point: If we make an appointment for you, that is your time. It is the best option to get you in and out as quickly as possible. Whether it is a warranty repair or the biggest sale we have ever made, we will not stop working on your truck in order to work on someone else’s.

I own a company and we use company vehicles to carry out our work, can you help us and are there discounts for quantity purchases?

We are here to make your life easy. Just let us know what you need and we will be happy to earn your business. Weather you have 2 vehicles or 200 we can help you. Just like our returning customers we appreciate any business we can get. Not only will you receive discounts for multiple purchases, we also offer the same deals to your employees. All they will need to do is say, “I work for Company Blank” and we give them your pricing as well for personal purchases.

I work for an automotive dealership; will your company work with us so we can offer your products to our customers?

We work with many dealerships and would love to have your business. You get the first opportunity to speak to the customers, plus you can roll the cost directly into the financing. We offer our dealers:

Wholesale pricing, so you can sell to your customers at a competitive level.

Dealers who are close enough, we will pick up and install the products then bring them back to you so your customer picks up a completed vehicle.

Your customers are our customers and we make sure they are happy so they are happy with you!

I need a bedcover for my truck; how long will I need to order one before my trip?

The more time you can plan ahead the better. Many bed covers are available next day if we have to order them. Other covers may need to be built to order and can take on average 2-3 weeks to come in. Be sure you don’t wait until the last minute so we can get you exactly what you want. We never like getting you what we can get in the time you need it by as opposed to what you really want.

Are bed covers waterproof?

That is a trick question; nothing is water proof, not even your truck. Most covers are water resistant, meaning you can drive the vehicle, in the rain and feel certain your cargo isn’t getting wet. If you go through a car wash, high pressure jets at the right angle can get in.

What are the Exceptions to most covers?

When you go for added convenience for bed access, like folding or retractable covers. You will gain a lot of usability with your bed, but you can see less water resistance than you would see in a 1 piece cover. By less, we mean small areas where water can get through, typically at the tailgate. You may see a bead of water running into the bed. You should not see standing water, if you do please let us know so we can make sure we address the issue.

I saw a product I am interested in but do not see it on your website, can you get it?

Most likely yes. We deal with the largest automotive suppliers in the country. The products we have access to are vast. We show our top sellers on the website and have many more in our retail showroom but there are way too many to show them all in either. Let us know what you saw and we can check for you.

I bought a product online; will you install it for me?

Maybe, let us know what you have and we will see. Our labor rates are higher for products that we didn’t sell you and they are strictly on an hourly basis. If you are thinking about purchasing something online or from another place, give us a shot. We do all we can to offer you a fair and competitive price.

There are no prices listed on your website, how can I get more information on what I am looking for?

Our website is information based at the moment. Use the request quote button next to the product or call one of our locations directly HERE(link to locations)